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One of the most difficult times in one’s personal life, or business life for that matter, is when you require immediate access to money.  The right information available on the subject is rather slim.  Ask anyone looking for it.

The need for cash can also take many forms.  They can range from immediate obligations to pay overdue bills, to large sums of money for that commercial property loan or re-financing.

These times can be very pressure-packed with a scenario usually goes something like this .

Let us say that you have assets to use as collateral, and you’ve gone to the banks and other financial institutions, but you have experienced the same answer time after time. "Sorry, there is nothing that the bank can do for you."  There seems to be no easy solution.

This is where a financial firm like Capital Funding of America can help.

We have the resources that will aid you in ways that banks cannot or will not—from commercial real estate loans, commercial construction loans to asset-based funding. 

Our range of commercial lending also extends to land acquisition and development loans, apartment loans, healthcare facility financing, hard money loans, hotel and resort financing, and mezzanine loans.

If you have a holding that is generating a stream of income or cash flow throw-off, or has monetary value some time in the future, even it has not matured yet, we can turn that future wealth into a lump sum of funds.  

The equity that can be traded for hard money includes a commercial mortgage note or commercial contract for deed that you are holding.  You can also generate cash if you sell structured settlement payments, business note, annuity payments, lottery winnings or debt portfolio such as equipment lease portfolio, commercial installment portfolio, commercial mortgage portfolio.  

We can turn that asset into cash right now. Through the purchase of the entire value of asset or by buying a portion of the cash flows emanating from it, you can find the solutions to financial requirements.

So, if you have a business that you want to startup, wish to expand, or needs an immediate infusion of capital, we can provide the business asset-based funding you need—generating cash without borrowing, but through selling the asset's cash flow.  

Similarly, if you need funds for your personal needs such as a down payment for a new home, college tuition, to pay old bills—whatever the reason—we can get you the ready money you need.

When it comes to commercial real estate lending, land acquisition and development loans, commercial construction lending, a mezzanine loan, or hard money loan, Capital Funding can also make it happen.  

It is abundantly clear to most that there has to be a better way to meet the private and business community’s cash and capital needs.

Individuals and businesses should have a means by which to get the money necessary to handle their personal financial situations, or to get the capital they need for their businesses immediately.   

It is also evident that the commercial banking system is not the correct solution, that is, banks make money available only to those who already have it.

Moreover, it is apparent that if a financial firm were to devote its efforts to make these private funds available, it would be providing a far better service than the existing formal banking system.  It will also serve its client’s needs with less red tape. 

That is why Capital Funding  provides such a vast array of specialized and business services.

Over the years, we have found how to structure the methods to get to you the money you need now.  

We have learned over time, how to use those methods that are not part of the mainstream financial network most people think as "the source" for cash and capital.

Through our know-how, we are able to get the funds to the people needing them—when they need it—even though the situation may seem impossible.

We have no profound mission statements or catchy slogans.  We just work toward the client’s best interests and get the job done








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